Chairman Desk

I am delighted to see the ongoing growth and development of Prestige Public School. It is now among the front ranking schools of indore. With its attractive location, innovatively designed class rooms, pursuit for academic excellence, provision of outdoor sports facilities, its extra curricular activities and socially useful summer programmes have become the talk of the town.

Child is the father of man. It is my fervent desire that the school should inspire and mould the students not only to be academically bright but also develop all-around personality, broader outlook, and ambition to go higher up in life while developing ethical art of living.
In the increasingly globalize world, Prestige Public School is committed to become a preparatory laboratory for turning out not only talented and dedicated citizens of India, but also wide-awake citizens of the world.

I wish all the best to colleagues, friends, students & everybody else who have been with us in our journey towards excellence.
N.N. Jain